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This site is a tribute to Rob, who was born in Wokingham, Berkshire on October 21, 1966. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

There were many happy times in his life.  Please share your memories with us.


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7th January
Wayne Fowler

I will miss my friend Rob! I met and became friends with Rob in 1990, we shared a love of cars and computers, and spend many hours (and days) persuing our passions. My fondest memories are, spending whole weekends in Robs flat in Thatcham building and tinkering with our computers, but mostly playing computer games. We would litterially play all day and night, I would pop home for some sleep between our marathonn sessions, only to wake up and race back to Robs so we could play some more. Litterally sleep got in the way, otherwise Im pretty sure we would of played non stop from Friday night until monday Morning. We also used to take it in turns once a month to drive to Ware in Herfordshire on a Sunday, to partake in an all day LAN party. We would pack up our precious PC’s and monitors at the crack of dawn, Drive 2 hours just so we could sit in a room with like minded people and all play computer games together. This escalated to the Isomnia PC LAN gaming series (organised by Multplay) and as im sure you can tell by the name ment sitting in a room for days on end, sleeping at your PC and playing games with literially hundreds of others just like us. These little adventures we went on were truly some of my fondest memories in life, and I am glad I got to share them with my friend Rob. Rob was always gracious, humble and generious with his time and money, I am proud to have known him, and I am proud to have called him my friend!.

Jenny Smith
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